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Whoever allowed this nigga to sit down n get his John Mayer on like this needs to get his ass beat down witta sock filled wit batteries son. This shit aint only soft b…its like softness wit techron my nigga. Son…first time I heard this joint it hurt my heart yo. I felt betrayed par. Like it really done came down to this shit b? This the shit yall muthafuckas is rockin wit now yo? Cmon son….where we gon draw line son? This is like listenin to kittens do ballet in slow motion yo. Its like bein showered wit ovaries n bellybuttons son. Its like this muthafucka jus slid on down a rainbow n landed in a big pool of estrogen before he made this shit b. Like this nigga jus pulled up in the drive-thru n ordered the McBitch combo wit extra cheese n a Diet Aveeno. Theres a whole kaleidoscope of homoeroticness happenin rite here son. Drizzy probably crochets mittens to this shit rite here yo.
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I fuck with this heavily

This is hard af.

Wtf!! This is legit!

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Eighty minutes of Afro-Latin-Jazz driven percussion, soulful rhythms, and warm vocals. A love supreme; an ode to that space which transcends traditional notions of love and drives us to keep manifesting purpose.

01 20 Feet Tall (Yoruba Soul Remix) - Erykah Badu
02 Girl With the Tattoo (Cecil’s Beatdown) - Miguel
03 Golden Lady (Louie Vega Roots Mix) - Reel People ft. Tony Momrelle
04 I Apologize (Ezel’s Remix) - Oveous Maximus
05 Traveling (Vocal Mix) - Quentin ft. Cordell McClary
06 What Love Is (Pure Soul Mix) - Backroom Bandits
07 Like A Star (Cecil’s Mind Mix) - Corrine Bailey Ray
08 I Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix) - Hird ft. Yukimi Nagano
09 Pienso En Ti (Nuyorican Mix) - Masters At Work
10 Love - Donae’o
11 Desire (Moodymann Remix) - Jose James
12 Breathe Inn - Ivanna Santilli
13 Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix) - Outcast
14 Twice (Cecil’s Body Mix) - Little Dragon
15 Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) - Terri Walker

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