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one of our favorite songs ever. I always felt bossa in its soul

endless respect and gratitude to frank

cover photo by pedro kok

duplo d
cerebrão na minha bebe
triplo peso
não pode pesar o amor que eu tenho
e so quero saber
por que voce viajara
sua arte não viaja como
não cuidar de voce como—

now you’re lost
lost in the heat of it all
girl you know you’re lost
lost in the thrill of it all
miami, amsterdam
tokyo, spain, lost
los angeles, india
lost on a train, lost

tu tens camisa branca,
escritorio, degráu de segunda
‘ce faz consultoria
entao, consulta me até ‘to leve
não, eu não quero não
você viva arranha-ceu
seu chefe nao trabalha como
nao cuidar de voce como—


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Alabama Shakes “Hang Loose

Come with me, sweet darlin’
I got us each a ticket for the plane
We’re gonna fly to Waikiki
It just be you and me
And we’ll let the sun melt our cares away

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Hold On - Alabama Shakes
So bless my heart and bless my mind
I got so much to do, I ain’t got much time

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I’m the jealous type. You wanna know why? Because we started off as ‘just friends’ too.
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You know what scares me? Being trapped.

I’m not talking about the kind of claustrophobia that keeps people out of crowded elevators. I’m referring to “career claustrophobia,” a stagnation that stifles even the most promising careers. Surprisingly, this dysfunction is so pervasive today that scarcely anyone notices it.
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